Welcome to the web site of the First Baptist Chesterbrook of McLean Virginia. We count it all joy and a blessing to have you stop by today so you can witness an exciting Ministry that is “Making a Kingdom Impact” and on the move for the cause of Christ as we Exalt Jesus, Evangelize the Lost, Equip the Saved, and Encourage every Soul in Christ.Every time we enter First Baptist Chesterbrook Sanctuary for worship, study, and prayer, we come with an expectation to experience the power and fullness of God.  This experience leads us into energized worship, readiness for the word, a willingnes to work, and witness. It is evident that God is doing a work in the lives of those who attend.   Growing in the love, grace, and discipleship of Jesus Christ is the priority of our ministry.  We place great emphasis on Worship, Word, Work, and Witness through Education, Evangelism, Bible Study, Prayer, Praise, and Worship. Our belief is that Disciples at First Baptist Chestebrook should go beyond a mere surface faith and make sure that their lives are in line with the will of God, seeking to make a Kingdom Impact in all walks of life by possessing a Kingdom mentality.  We strive to move individuals from a membership mentality to a discipleship lifestyle, which serves Christ daily and influences other to want to enter into relationship with Christ creating an impact for Kingdom advancement.

Our goal is to be Disciples of Jesus Christ. We serve a global God and that is why we must be visionary, proactive, and progressive in our approach to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a vibrant and expansive Ministry that continues to reach higher and higher in the name of the Lord.  Praise is preeminent at “The Brook” and its such a blessing to witness the energy that exudes through the entire ministry on Saturdays, Sundays, and through the week.

First Baptist Chesterbrook seeks to minister to the entire Body of Christ. At the heart of everything we do is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers, presence, and participation in that which God has called us to do, because we know that this is a special church that is filled with the love of the Lord.

Let’s continue to make a Kingdom Impact together